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Redeemer Baptist Church

Caption |Pastor DeFrance leads a prayer at the Redeemer Baptist Church
Caption | Soup Kitchen Regulars
Normandie Bakery Normandie Bakery
Normandie Bakery is located on Jefferson Blvd in Los Angeles. Chef Josette LeBlond opened her bakery in 1988 and began making her famous meat pates. LeBlond’s gourmet cooking soon expanded to other stores on Santa Monica Blvd, Sunset Blvd and a restaurant in Marina Del Rey. The bakery on Jefferson produces 2,000 lbs. of pate and 3,000 baguettes each day.
Jefferson library: a home with a History Jefferson Library: A Home with a History
The Jefferson Branch Library is the only structure along Jefferson Boulevard featured on the National Register of Historic Places. The building, with its rich history, was frequented by distinguished members of the African-American community while they were growing up. Today, the library remains a second home to the children in the Jefferson Park area.
Education on Jefferson Education on Jefferson
The stretch of Jefferson Boulevard between Vermont Street and La Cienega Boulevard offers a wealth of educational opportunities for boys and girls, with at least nine preschools and elementary schools. Whether it is a charter school, a Christian school, or a public school, among others, each educational facility offers a unique learning experience for the children on Jefferson Boulevard.

By Jessica Hagy

On a typical Sunday morning on Jefferson Boulevard you might hear hands clapping, feet stomping and voices belting out songs of praise. Chances are, you’re passing by the Redeemer Baptist Church.

Every Sunday the chapel is booming with lively praise and a passionate sermon, led by Pastor Robert DeFrance. DeFrance has been preaching for thirty-five years, and started the Redeemer Baptist Church sixteen years ago. Over the last sixteen years, he’s seen a lot of change.

“I’ve seen people grow spiritually, I’ve seen many additions and growth in the community and helping the community as we should. The church is still growing, God is still changing people,” DeFrance said.

Much of the church’s growth is due to its welcoming, hug-you-when-they-meet-you kind of spirit. Redeemer regular Ruby Ewing says this welcome is Biblically based.

“We don’t turn away hot pants, miniskirts, blue jeans, tattoos. The Bible says come as you are, and just as I am, I come- we don’t discriminate,” Ewing said.

And Ewing comes just as she is all the way from Orange County every Sunday. For her, the people make the nearly fifty-mile trip worth it.

“The people are so friendly, so loving, so giving. Some churches sometimes there’s a young people set and an old people set. Here everybody is everybody and that’s what I really liked about it,” Ewing said.

In fact, Sunday worship incorporates every age group within the church. The fourth Sunday of every month the children lead devotion and prayer, sing the morning songs and conduct the services. According to Ewing, “it’s really cute, there’s no shame in their game.”

Redeemer is also welcoming to newfound churchgoers. At the end of every Sunday’s worship Pastor DeFrance invites visitors to standup and introduce themselves so the congregation can welcome them.

Four years ago, seventeen-year-old Asia Morrow was one of those standing visitors. Now, she’s here every Sunday.

“I like everything, everybody, the love I get from people. I love these people… unfortunately,” Morrow laughed.

But despite the high praise and warm welcome that characterize this church, Pastor DeFrance believes it’s the faith of his congregation that defines Redeemer Baptist.

“They believe the scriptures, they follow the scriptures, they are examining scriptures for themselves. They are taking care of me, they follow what I ask them to do, not blindly but with instructions scripturally. Its just amazing to witness that kind of following, I don’t have a hundred percent following but I got a good high percentage,” DeFrance says.

A strong following and a strong energy that livens up Jefferson Boulevard, every Sunday.

Caption | Young Churchgoers Get Comfortable.

Caption | Ushers prepare to collect donations.

Caption | Pastor DeFrance's Granddaughters.