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Religion on Jefferson Boulevard
Caption | Map of the Churches and Religious Centers on Jefferson Boulevard in South Central L.A.
Caption | A look at Iglesia Evangelica: Puerta de Las Aguas, one of the many churches on Jefferson Boulevard
Murals Bring Life and Color to Jefferson Murals Bring Life and Color to Jefferson
The murals along Jefferson Blvd. not only beautify the community, but they also bring community members together through the messages and feelings they set out to portray. In placing their unique images on the wall, the artists behind the murals, many of whom grew up or have spent a lot of time in the community, turned old buildings into bright, meaningful spectacles.
A Home with a History A Home with a History
The Jefferson Branch Library is the only structure along Jefferson Boulevard featured on the National Register of Historic Places. The building, with its rich history, was frequented by distinguished members of the African-American community while they were growing up. Today, the library remains a second home to the children in the Jefferson Park area.
Education on Jefferson
Education on Jefferson
The stretch of Jefferson Boulevard between Vermont Street and La Cienega Boulevard offers a wealth of educational opportunities for boys and girls, with at least nine preschools and elementary schools. Whether it is a charter school, a Christian school, or a public school, among others, each educational facility offers a unique learning experience for the children on Jefferson Boulevard.

By Caroline Vandergriff

Religion plays a rich part in the Jefferson community. On Jefferson Boulevard, their presence alone is greater than any other type of establishment, with more than 20 different churches or religious establishments. Spirituality affects all sorts of people, and each church has a unique congregation with its own set of needs, responsibilities, and lifestyles.

The Westminster Presbyterian Church is on the City of Los Angeles’ list of Historic-Cultural Monuments, and it has been there for over 100 years. Westminster is a staple of culture and religion on Jefferson Boulevard. The church has an incredible wealth of history and music, and it celebrated the appointing of its first female pastor, Reverend Virginia Brown, this year.

The Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church is the only Catholic church on Jefferson Boulevard, and it serves a congregation of 1,000 families. Joined with the church is the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic school, which educates 165 students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Monday through Thursday, the church sets up a soup kitchen in the morning and serves members of the community in need of a meal.

Redeemer Baptist Church offers the Baptist community an intimate place to worship in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. Sunday services begin at 9:15 with Bible study groups, followed by worship and sermon for the whole church at 11 am. The worship is based largely on music and the lively congregation is not shy with outbursts of praise.

Every decade, the Glenmary Research Center publishes a profile of the religious affiliations of residents in every county in the United States. This publication is the leading source used to identify the main religious bodies in Los Angeles County. In 2000, 40% of the Los Angeles County population were Roman Catholic, 5.9% were Jewish, and 1.2% were Southern Baptist, the three leading faith groups in the area. The religious centers on Jefferson Boulevard represent this wide array of faiths, but not in equal proportion to their population in Los Angeles County.

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Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church

Redeemer Baptist Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church