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Staying Active and Relaxed On Jefferson

RECREATION AND PARKS | Jefferson Boulevard offers unique opportunities for exercise and for fresh air. Whether it's skateboarding, practicing martial arts or lounging in the park, this vast and diverse boulevard has much to offer. .

Sports on Jefferson
Sports on Jefferson | At Grandmaster Walter Goode's World Championship Karate Sports Academy, Goode uses the art of karate to teach strength and life lessons to any and all that are willing to learn. And he's not the only one making a difference to the Jefferson community through sports and recreation. Not far away at Bill's Bike Shop and Doucette and Wireless Accessories, community members are giving back.
Leslie N. Shaw Park
Leslie N. Shaw Park | A community gathering place where people come to relax, meditate and practice sermons. The park is also home to the Black Seeds mural, which is representative of certain aspects of African-American culture.