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A team of reporters from the University of Southern California headed down Jefferson Blvd. in search of the stories that define the area. They quickly discovered that the everyday people of Jefferson bring the richness of character, meaning and vitality on the boulevard. It was the journalist's hope that "On Jefferson Project" would provide just a glimpse into the story and heart of this great community.

Life on Jefferson

On Jefferson Intro from Robert Hernandez on Vimeo.

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Art | Murals Bring Life and Color to Jefferson Art | Bringing Life and Color
By Juliana Appenrodt
The murals along Jefferson Blvd. not only beautify the community, but they also bring community members together through the messages and feelings they set out to portray.
Culture | Barbershops: A Step into the Community Culture | Barbershops: A Step into the Community
By Christian Martinez
Jefferson culture comes alive in the barbershops found along the boulevard. These are the places where friends, family, and neighbors gather to form Jefferson's community.
Culture | Salons on Jefferson Culture | Salons on Jefferson
By Candice Brain
Salons on Jefferson are a strong part of the community and provide a welcoming place for many to come talk, relax and get a makeover.
Education | John W. Mack Elementary School Education | John W. Mack Elementary School
By Michelle Larue
The stretch of Jefferson Boulevard between Vermont Street and La Cienega Boulevard offers a wealth of educational opportunities for boys and girls, with at least nine preschools and elementary schools.
Education | Nu Building Blocks Education | Nu Building Blocks
By Schuyler Kenney
Patricia Hardy and Larry Solomon, founders and owners of Nu Building Blocks Infant Center and Preschool, have created to guide their passion for the education of young children.
Family | A Presence of Family Family | A Presence of Family
By Schuyler Kenney
From a street corner to a thrift shop, Jefferson Boulevard is home to many old and new generations of families. Their presence can be seen through the people, services and small businesses of the Jefferson Community.
Food | A Multi-Cultural Experience Food | A Multi-Cultural Experience
By Alex Abels
No one culture is exactly alike. But though it comes in many different shapes and sizes – and flavors – there is one aspect of a culture that always exists: food.
Food | A French Flair Food | French Flair
By Krishel Coultrup
Muffins, baguettes, cinnamon rolls, cookies and more! Just some of the delicious pastries at Normandie Bakery.
History | Jefferson Park: A Century of History History | A Century of Jefferson Park
By Katherine Kravit
Jefferson Park looks like any another neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. But dig deeper and find that the history of this area is rich and complex.
History in the Making History | In the Making
By Taylor Friedman
Jefferson Park community members are in the final stages of receiving Historic Preservation Overlay Zone status, which designates an area as a historic district. An HPOZ has many benefits for a community, including increased property value and neighborhood pride.
Recreation | Community Men Recreation | Community Men
By Joshua Jovanelly
Grandmaster Walter Goode runs the World Championship Karate Sports Academy on Jefferson. Goode is one of three men working to build a better community through sports and recreation.
Recreation | Staying Active and Relaxed On Jefferson Recreation | Leslie N. Shaw Park: Rooted in Black History
By Megan Dickey
Leslie N. Shaw Park on Jefferson Blvd. provides community members with a place to relax, focus and interact with each other.
Religion | The Holy Name of Jesus Religion | The Holy Name of Jesus
By Caroline Vandergriff
This is the only Catholic church on Jefferson Boulevard. Father Paul Spellman has been the priest there for 5 years, with a focus on the youth in the community and the adjoining Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church.
Religion | Redeemer Baptist Church Religion | Redeemer Baptist Church
By Jessica Hagy
On a typical Sunday morning on Jefferson Boulevard you might hear hands clapping, feet stomping and voices belting out songs of praise. Chances are, you’re passing by the Redeemer Baptist Church.
Religion | Westminster Presbyterian Church Religion | Westminster Presbyterian Church
By Anita Little
Westminster Presbyterian Church stands on 2230 W. Jefferson Blvd and is the oldest African-American Presbyterian church on the West coast.
Small Business | Behind the Storefront Small Business | Behind the Storefront
By Maria Nikias
The boulevard is lined with small businesses ranging from auto repair shops to clothing stores. The owners have had their fair share of stories about holding on in the economy slump, but have looked to the community of Jefferson for support.