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Food On Jefferson: A Multi-Cultural Experience

No one culture is exactly alike. Each has different customs and traditions that makes it unique and sets it apart from the others. But though it comes in many different shapes and sizes – and flavors – there is one aspect of a culture that always exists: food.

Food is often found at the center of a culture. In America, teenagers meet up at the local hotspot for pizza and burgers. Couples go out on the town for a romantic meal and a movie. Old friends get together for a cup of coffee at the local café. Eating is a big a part of our lives, even if we don’t take time out of every day to acknowledge it.

One Taste at a Time | A catfish poboy and salmon salad from Harold & Belle's and an assortment of treats from Normandie Bakery, two staple restaurants of Jefferson Blvd.

In some places, it’s harder to find that special restaurant that will make a regular out of you. Jefferson Blvd. is scattered with chain restaurants like Jack in the Box and Church’s Chicken that add little to the culture of the community. But if you search more diligently to find that hole-in-the-wall family-run restaurant, it will be sure to spice up your weekly cuisine.

Once you look past the mundane burgers and cheap fried chicken, you will find that Jefferson has a lot to offer from a variety of cultures that all come together to make a unique culture for the Jefferson community itself. There’s Tim’s Kitchen, a Cantonese-style Chinese restaurant that’s been run by the Cheung family for over 30 years. Owner Eddy Cheung is originally from Hong Kong and boasts that his restaurant is one of the only establishments serving Asian food in the Jefferson area. There’s La Flor Blanca, a small El Salvadoran restaurant that has people exploring new tastes and traveling for miles to get the city's best papusas. There’s Mel’s Fish Market, a "U-Buy We-Fry" place with customers so loyal that it hasn’t lost any of its regulars since it moved three blocks away for renovations. There's Harold & Belle's , a Creole restuarant opened 40 years ago by the Legaux family and still managed by them today. The ambiance has changed from go-go dancers and juke boxes to a more upscale environment, but the restaurant is still just as family-oriented as it was decades ago. There's VegiSoul with its vegetarian soul food that vegans and meat-eaters alike can enjoy, and then House of Dimes, a small taco shack that has been creating lines down the block every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night since it opened over 50 years ago. For those of you with a sweet tooth, there's Normandie Bakery and Kobbler King.

With food on Jefferson, quality trumps quantity and loyal customers are the top priority. So sit back and explore these restaurants – and if you find your mouth watering or your stomach growling, you’ll know where to go.

Normandie Bakery
Normandie Bakery | Normandie Bakery is located on Jefferson Blvd in Los Angeles. Chef Josette LeBlond opened her bakery in 1988 and began making her famous meat pates. LeBlond’s gourmet cooking soon expanded to other stores on Santa Monica Blvd, Sunset Blvd and a restaurant in Marina Del Rey. Click the picture to learn more.
Harold & Belle's
Harold & Belle's | Harold & Belle’s is a Creole restaurant on Jefferson that serves as a local hangout for people who have lived in the community for years. The restaurant was opened by Harold and Belle Legaux in 1969 and is still owned and run by the same family. Click on the picture to find out more about this milestone of Jefferson.