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On Jefferson, Family is Everywhere

The Diversity of Family | The presence of family can be seen in many walks of life on Jefferson Boulevard. From community service programs to small businesses, family values are a part of the Jefferson Community.
Marian Krull | The Director of Your Community Food Ministry speaks about how family, food and service reconstruct a community with a history of violence.
TEXT_GOES_HERE Behind the Small Businesses of Jefferson
Jefferson boulevard is lined with small businesses ranging from auto repair shops to clothing stores. The owners of the businesses have had their fair share of stories about holding on in the economy slump, but have looked to the community of Jefferson for support.
Education on Jefferson Education on Jefferson
The stretch of Jefferson Boulevard between Vermont Street and La Cienega Boulevard offers a wealth of educational opportunities for boys and girls, with at least nine preschools and elementary schools. Whether it is a charter school, a Christian school, or a public school, among others, each educational facility offers a unique learning experience for the children on Jefferson Boulevard.
Murals Bring Life and Color to Jefferson Murals Bring Life and Color to Jefferson
The murals along Jefferson Blvd. not only beautify the community, but they also bring community members together through the messages and feelings they set out to portray. In placing their unique images on the wall, the artists behind the murals, many of whom grew up or have spent a lot of time in the community, turned old buildings into bright, meaningful spectacles.

By Schuyler Kenney

Jefferson Boulevard is rich in history. Walk down the street and odds are you fill find a store, church, or service that has been on Jefferson Boulevard for at least the last decade. Over the years one thing has remained the same on this historic stretch: the presence of family.

It was 25 years ago when a man by the name of John Oliver, a Los Angeles native, began Your Community-Coop Food Bank on Jefferson Boulevard with the goal of providing food to the hungry. Today, it is Your Community Food Ministry, located at 2061 W. Jefferson Blvd, and it has distributed over 60,000 pounds of food throughout Los Angeles this year. The ministry is now operated by Marian Krull, who took over as Director in 2007. Krull says her service in the Jefferson Community is like a family.

“The founder of this company is like my dad. I call him dad. I am basically his daughter. His heart, that’s what drew us together,” Krull said. “He’s been doing this for 30 years. I want to expand his vision.”

Her vision is to show love by providing food and spirituality to the people, rich or poor. According to Krull, it’s “her purpose.”

But Krull and Your Community Food Ministry are just one of many stories on Jefferson Boulevard anchored by the power of family.

One family, who immigrated from Mexico, has made a living off Jefferson Boulevard. Alberto, with his sister, Lilia, and mother, Reina, have been selling flowers on the street corners of Jefferson Boulevard for seven years.

“I’ve lived with my family off Jefferson for 10 years. We’ve been selling flowers here almost everyday for seven (years),” said Alberto. When asked about the community, he said Jefferson Boulevard has treated his family well. “It’s a good community. All the people here are nice people. We have been able to sell flowers.”

And then there is Lloyd Galloway Jr., otherwise known by the Jefferson Community as “Mr. B.” Mr. B is the owner of Mr. B’s Box, which has served as a stationary store for the people of Jefferson Boulevard for 40 years. Situated at 2059 W. Jefferson Blvd for the last four decades, Mr. B’s Box is a constant reminder of how one family has touched the lives of many. Mr. B was born with cerebral palsy, a rare disease which inhibits his ability to walk or talk. But that didn’t stop him from accomplishing his dream of owning a business. Mr. B’s Box was passed down to Mr. B by his mother, Dorothy Galloway. Today, Mr. B can be found in the store on a daily basis. His smile is infectious with customers, who walk away with stationary refills and a smile of their own. Customers can also view a photograph of Mr. B with President Barack Obama, which hangs on the store wall. One can not mention “family on Jefferson” without mentioning Mr. B, who will be a symbol and inspiration for the Jefferson Community for years to come.

Along with Mr. B’s Box, numerous family businesses, old and new, line the boulevard of Jefferson. Whether it is in flowers or post cards, family values exist all over Jefferson Boulevard. A walk down the street may mean more than just a walk through history. It is a history of family.

Your Community Food Ministry| Manager Stacey works at his desk in preparation for the peak hours of 2 to 6 p.m.

A Family in Flowers | Alberto sells flowers with his family at the corner of Jefferson Boulevard and Arlington Avenue, just like he has every day for the last seven years.

40 Years in Service | 2009 marks 40 years in service to the Jefferson Community by Mr. B's Box.