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Salons on Jefferson

Salons On Jefferson | S-LO Beauty Salon's sign welcoming all customers.
Salons | A view of some of the salons offered on Jefferson Blvd.
Murals Bring Life and Color to Jefferson Murals Bring Life and Color to Jefferson
The murals along Jefferson Blvd. not only beautify the community, but they also bring community members together through the messages and feelings they set out to portray. In placing their unique images on the wall, the artists behind the murals, many of whom grew up or have spent a lot of time in the community, turned old buildings into bright, meaningful spectacles.
Jefferson Library: A Home with a History Jefferson Library: A Home with a History
The Jefferson Branch Library is the only structure along Jefferson Boulevard featured on the National Register of Historic Places. The building, with its rich history, was frequented by distinguished members of the African-American community while they were growing up. Today, the library remains a second home to the children in the Jefferson Park area.
Harold & Belles: Gather, Greet and Grub Harold & Belles: Gather, Greet and Grub
Harold & Belle’s is a Creole restaurant on Jefferson that serves as a local hangout for people who have lived in the community for years. The restaurant was opened by Harold and Belle Legaux in 1969 and is still owned and run by the same family.

By Candice Brain

Need a haircut? For those on Jefferson Boulevard there are many options to choose from. Within a span of 26 blocks, or five main intersections, there are twelve salons offering varying services including: cuts, trims, dyes, styling, nails, facials, makeup, weaves, aromatherapy and just about anything else you need. But take a look closer and you'll see that these twelve salons have a rich diversity of culture and business. The options include: Francis Beauty Salon Unisex, Yadira's Beauty Salon, S-LO's Beauty Salon, Diana's New Attitude Salon and Spa, Freshcuts Barber and Beauty Salon, Precision Vision Beauty & Barber Salon, Praise Beauty Salon, Our Place Hair & Skin Care Salon, Fireh Estetica Unisex, Hair It Is, U.R. Hair Style Hair Salon and Besy's Beauty Salon. More detailed information for each salon can be found at the bottom of the page.

Salons on Jefferson have been relatively successful in maintaining business throughout the struggling economic times. After visiting each salon and learning about their financial situations a common theme emerged. Salons that had been there longer had less difficulty adapting to the tough economy than those that had just started. This was because salons like S-LO's Beauty Salon, which has been around for 20 years, have a strong customer following established. Marina, the owner of S-LO's Beauty Salon, said that even with the bad economy her loyal customers have continued to come. On the other hand, Diana's New Attitude Salon and Spa, which has been around for only 2 years, is struggling more. "We were doing great our first year open but this year has been much slower," Diana, owner of Diana's New Attitude Salon and Spa, said. There are also salons in the middle that have noticed change. The owner of Yadira's Beauty Salon, which has been around for six years, mentioned that while they still have a good amount of business their regular customers are coming in fewer times than usual to save money.

What makes customers continue to spend their time and money at salons? Long time customer of S-LO's Beauty Salon, Maria Diaz, says she enjoys being there. "I really like the place because it feels like home. I've come here for so long, it's what I like," Diaz said. A customer of Hair It is, Reggie Tompson, says it's all about the price. "I come here because it's cheap and I can afford it," Tompson said. Whether it's the welcoming environment or the good price, salons are a strong part of the community. Struggling economy or not, they are staying right where they are.

Hair It Is | Hair It Is is a salon that caters to both men and women. They do haircuts, styles and more. This particular sylist slogan is, "If you don't like it, you don't pay!"
Yadira's Beauty Salon | Yadira's Beauty Salon is owned by Yadira and has three other cosmotologists as well. Together they cover the basics from manicures, pedicures, hair, dyes and more.