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Barber Shops and Salons on Jefferson

Barber Shops and Salons | Jefferson Boulevard has many options when it comes to barber shops and salons. Within a few blocks there are over 12 salons and even more barber shops to choose from. Whether you are looking for a good haircut or a fun place to catch up with the community, you will find all you need and more right here.

Beauty Salons on Jefferson
Salons | Salons on Jefferson are a strong part of the community and provide a welcoming place for many to come talk, relax and get a makeover. Within the twelve salons available you can find many options for nails, makeup, hair, facials, massages and much more.
Barber shops on Jefferson
Barber shops | The culture of Jefferson comes alive in the barbershops found along Jefferson Blvd. Whether a shop has been there for ten years or three years, the barbershops are places where friends, family, and neighbors gather to form Jefferson's community.