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About the On Jefferson Project

On Jefferson Intro from Robert Hernandez on Vimeo.

A team of reporters from the University of Southern California headed down Jefferson Blvd. in search of the stories that define the area. They quickly discovered that the everyday people of Jefferson bring the richness of character, meaning and vitality on the boulevard. It was the journalist's hope that "On Jefferson Project" would provide just a glimpse into the story and heart of this great community.

Meet the class:
Alex Abels
Juliana Appenrodt
Candice Brain
Krishel Coultrup
Megan Dickey
Taylor Friedman
Jessica Hagy
Joshua Jovanelly
Schuyler Kenney
Katherine Kravit
Michelle Larue
Anita Little
Christian Martinez
Maria Nikias
Caroline Vandergriff

Assitance from John Adams

Professor Robert Hernandez